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MS. Bright Round Bars

We Fortran Steel Pvt Ltd., offer  Bright Bars also. Bright Bars are steel or metal bars that are produced by one or more cold finishing processes. The processes outlined below are known as Cold Finish processes or the end products are known as cold finished because there is no or very little heat applied in the entire operation of converting them from hot rolled bars (also known as black bars) to Cold Finished Bars or Bright Steel Bars.

Cold Drawing: Hot Rolled Bar is decaled,  pulled through Tungsten Carbide or High Speed Steel

Die, straightened & cut-to-length; Improves dimensional tolerance and shape, straightness, surface finish, strength and mach inability. Turning and Polishing: Remove bar surface of Hot Rolled Bars with revolving cutting tool, rotate bar through rolls to straighten and polish, then cut-to-length. Improved dimensional tolerances and removes surface defects and decarburization. Sizes and Grade:  All Sizes and Grades available.


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Size in MM Weight in Kgs/Mtr Weight in Kgs/Mtr
9×9 0.195 0.640
10×10 0.239 0.784
12×12 0.345 1.132
16×16 0.612 2.008
20×20 0.957 3.140
25×25 1.496 4.908
32×32 2.450 8.038
40×40 3.828 12.560
50×50 5.979 19.617
65×65 10.110 33.160
75×75 13.456 44.149
90×90 19.380 63.580
100×100 23.925 78.498