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M.S. Square Bars

We  Fortran Steel Pvt Ltd. offer Steel Square Bars which are hot rolled products, with a cross section of special contours like angles, channels and beams. The rolling and cutting tolerance for hot rolled products is as per the requisite standards. Our steel square bars are widely recommended for their wide usage in various industries and for a wide number of purposes. They are available with an assurance of high level of quality and performance. Pilling and automatic tying of the structure ensures minimum damage during handling and transport Apart from that we are the most trustworthy square bars suppliers of the same. We supply the steel squares in a wide range of sizes and specifications. Our product is widely used in construction of bridges, buildings, industrial sheds and structures etc. They are also used in manufacturing of automotive vehicles, ships; also used as guide rails for material handling equipments and as support bars. Round Bars are used for various applications like hardware, petrochemical, construction, electric, boiler burning equipment, surgical equipment, food, water heating equipment,boat,,powermill,etc. Sizes and Grade: All Sizes and Grades available.


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Size in MM Weight in Kgs/Mtr Weight in Kgs/Mtr
9×9 0.195 0.640
10×10 0.239 0.784
12×12 0.345 1.132
16×16 0.612 2.008
20×20 0.957 3.140
25×25 1.496 4.908
32×32 2.450 8.038
40×40 3.828 12.560
50×50 5.979 19.617
65×65 10.110 33.160
75×75 13.456 44.149
90×90 19.380 63.580
100×100 23.925 78.498